Intiaklubi Anand Station 1.12. / India Club Anand Station 1.12.


Kulttuurikeskus Caisa
Mikonkatu 17C/Vuorikatu 14
Perjantai 1.12. klo 20:30-00:30
Liput 8



India Club Anand Station
Caisa Cultural Centre
Mikonkatu 17C/Vuorikatu 14
Friday 10.11. at 20:30-00:30
Tickets 8

Pump up the bhangra! Anand Station is Finland’s only club of Indian music, and it’s the best party in town – at least if you’re a fan of Indian music, cinema and popular culture. The club is hosted by Shava, which is guaranteed to be the world’s only Finnish-Indian bhangra group. Shava plays music which is meant for fun and dancing, and Shava’s gigs are a proof that their unique blend of Bollywood-bhangra dance beats with Finnish attitude and language works perfectly to free your mind and your pelvis and to make you get up and dance.

DJ Soma brings not only his positive and likeable personality, but also the unending treasures of his music library to Anand Station.

The main performer of the December club is Sahaj Unlimited, consisting of Finnish musicians who have fallen in love with the joyful intensity of Indian music. Their debut CD release from last year celebrates modern global culture, and the seemingly foreign elements of Indian devotional music have been integrated in the musical expression of these Finnish musicians in a natural way.